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Fed Golfers Take Swings, Trade Laughs, at Fall Tournament

While Mark Twain once argued that “golf is a good walk, spoiled,” the famous author never attended a Federal Reserve Bank of Boston golf tournament, where fun is the first order of the day. The bank’s most recent tournament, which took place on a picture-perfect, mid-September day at the South Shore Country Club in Hingham was more like a "good walk, spoiled” -- only by laughs, good-natured ribbing, whiffs, slices, hooks and, in the end, some pretty good golf.

Nixon, Sadler: This Generation's Silver Dust Twins?

If Jim Rice and Fred Lynn were the Gold Dust Twins of their era, then it could be argued that Pawtucket second baseman Donnie Sadler and outfielder Trot Nixon are the Silver Dust Twins of their generation. Okay, maybe the Bronze Dust Twins would be more appropriate. This is a lofty comparison, sure, but an arguable one given the everyday-player development gulf between the mid-1970s and the Dan Duquette regime.

Aggressive Research on Steroids

Professor Rich Melloni and grad assistant Jill Grimes have linked chronic steroid abuse with overly aggressive behavior in steroid-treated adolescent male Syrian hamsters. According to their most recent research, which was published in the October 2001 issue of "Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior," the aggression is caused, in part, by below-average amounts of serotonin, a brain neurochemical associated with impulse control.

‘Baby-Faced Assassin’ Lets Live Fastball Do Talking

If Raymond Chandler was a PawSox beat writer, relief pitcher Cory Bailey might have been pegged as the "Baby-Faced Assassin.” Unlike some of his fellow relievers, Bailey doesn’t look the part of the menacing closer. Boston’s Jeff Russell sports an intimidating goatee – and even Ken Ryan has toyed with facial hair this summer – but Bailey’s All-American, clean-cut appearance does little to strike fear into the hearts of opposing batters.

Mondor’s Midas Touch Transforms PawSox into Major Minor League Success Story

After amassing a fortune as a bankruptcy turnaround expert, Ben Mondor was lured out of an early retirement by a former Boston Brave to rescue the then-Rhode Island Red Sox. After some tactical business maneuvering, the Pawtucket Red Sox were born, and Mondor and lieutenant Mike Tamburro went on to build one of minor-league baseball's greatest franchises.

Patriots Defuse Chargers, Roar Back into First Place with Win

From La Jolla to Mission Valley, word around these parts was that the Patriots wouldn’t pose a problem to the schizophrenic Chargers, who handled the Kansas City Chefs with ease a week earlier. But, as Bolts fandom soon found out, the Patriots aren’t a team to be taken lightly this year. Or as New England kicker Adam Vinatieri said, “You can’t take a team that has a better record than you lightly.”
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