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Patriots Defuse Chargers, Roar Back into First Place with Win

From La Jolla to Mission Valley, word around these parts was that the Patriots wouldn’t pose a problem to the schizophrenic Chargers, who handled the Kansas City Chefs with ease a week earlier. But, as Bolts fandom soon found out, the Patriots aren’t a team to be taken lightly this year. Or as New England kicker Adam Vinatieri said, “You can’t take a team that has a better record than you lightly.”

Aggressive Research on Steroids

Professor Rich Melloni and grad assistant Jill Grimes have linked chronic steroid abuse with overly aggressive behavior in steroid-treated adolescent male Syrian hamsters. According to their most recent research, which was published in the October 2001 issue of "Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior," the aggression is caused, in part, by below-average amounts of serotonin, a brain neurochemical associated with impulse control.
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